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2022   “MORULA”, solo show at off-site space Piano Zero, Roma (Rome, IT)


2023    Queer Pandemia, group show at BASE Milano (Milan, IT)
           curated by the cultural association TWM Factory

2023    FOREVERR, group show at Co Co Como Contemporanea (Como, IT)
           curated by Marco Brugnera

2023    STRESSTEST, online group show curated by New Scenario

           in co-production with Creamcake and HAU Hebbel am Ufer 3hdTV & HAU42023

2023    ‘Video Art’, group show at MOLT (Berlin, Germany) curated by Max Michel Thillaye

2023    “Babele”, group show at Spazio Musa (Turin, IT) curated by Caspar Giorgio Williams

2022   “Female Gaze”, group show at Galleria Medina Roma (Rome, IT)
2021   “Salotto Elettronico”, group show at Tevere Art Gallery (Rome, IT)
2020   “Vernissage Rome”, group show at Libreria Zalib, (Rome, IT)
2020   “Vernissage Rome”, group show at Palazzo Velli Expo, (Rome, IT)

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2023   9th Art Ankara Art Fair  (Ankara, Turkey)

         with Muliere Art Collective and DoArt Gallery

2023    Bad to the Bone Magazine, Feast, View Link

           Kuba Paris, FEAST live performance and installation by Ohii Katya, View Link

           HAU4, Stresstest, View Link

           Exibart, Babele, View Link

2022   Nasty Magazine, Metamorphosis, In conversation with Ohii Katya, View Link 
         SWARM MAG, Visceral fairytales, interview, View Link

         BLOK Magazine, Morula by Ohii Katya, View Link

         O Fluxo, Morula, Ohii Katya, View Link
         Solo Show, MORULA: Ohii Katya at Piano Zero, View Link
         Kuba Paris, MORULA, Ohii Katya, View Link

         T-magazine, In conversation with Katya, View Link
         Exibart, FEMALE GAZE, View Link
         Roma Today, Female Gaze, la mostra alla Galleria Medina, View Link
         The Art Place Mag, “FEMALE GAZE” Mimosa Reloaded, View Link



2023   QUEER PANDÈMIA. Contaminazioni artistiche di altro genere
         Curated by Carlo Settimio Battisti, Davide Lunerti, Nicola Brucoli,                   Riccardo Ferranti e Lorenzo Raonel Simon
         Sanchez, Letizia Servello, Carlotta B.Mus, Andrea Fulgenzi.
         Publisher: Edizioni Tlon + TWM Factory
         ISBN: 9791255540281

2023  Do Not Research 2022-2023

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